Monday, October 31, 2011

Tech in the Building

 Many times teachers want to use technology in their classroom, but they are either limited by their own skills or glitches with the technology.  (Yes, glitches happen to every one, even the techs.)  However, it can be difficult to arrange a time to go meet with a tech for planning, training or other technology needs.

 In an effort to assist teachers and staff with technology integration and issues, Tech in the Building was created.  Tech in Building is a day that I will spend in your building to help you with technology questions and tech lesson ideas.  This month I have been in every building except the high school.  I have assisted teachers and staff with internet connection issues, learning how to use the Hue webcam, one-to-one training on specific computer features and programs, assisting a class with a tech project and more.  The present goal for this program is to visit each school once a month and increase the number of contacts at each building.  My hope is to be working with teachers, staff & students during my time at each building with little time for anything else.

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