Friday, December 21, 2012

Do you Flubaroo?

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Flubaroo - it sounds like a new dance move or some scientific experiment like Flubber, but really it is a script you can add to any Google Form so it will automatically grade a form quiz or test.  Imagine having your final exam graded as soon as the student hits submit.

*Please note that any short answer questions will need to be graded separately and not by Flubaroo.  However, fill in the blank can be scored by Flubaroo.

Checkout the full instructions on installing and using Flubaroo at

Tips on using Flubaroo & Google Forms:
  • Make the first question of your form Student Name OR First & Last Name.  When you complete the form to create the answer sheet, you can enter Answer Sheet in the first question so you know which one has the correct answers.  It will also allow you to sort the responses by student names.
  • You can shut the form off by unchecking 'Accept Responses' under Form on your form spreadsheet.  This will stop students from taking your quiz or test until you are ready.
  • If you are using this form for multiple classes, include class hour as one of your questions.  This will help with the sorting process.
  • Make sure you have students submit their answers on the live form, not the spreadsheet.
  • When using the 'Choose from a list' question, make your first list option ' Choose from the list below.'  Without that option, students will think the answer is already given for them and will not click on the drop down arrow for additional answer choices.

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