Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Earn Your Black Belt with Class Dojo

Most elementary teachers have a wall chart with clothespins that you use to mark student behavior throughout the day.  Imagine having a system that not only marks the moment, but tracks and reports on the day as a whole.  Now imagine students and their parents logging on to a website at night to review and talk about their behavior in school.  Meet Class Dojo, a behavior management tool that records all this information for you on each student.  All you need to do is give points for the good and not so good things on each student throughout the day.  You can also track your class as a whole to check for specific trends or patterns.  With the aid of a mobile device, your task gets even easier as you travel around the room and track student behaviors.  This gives teachers a better opportunity to catch their students making good choices!

So, how do you get started?  Go to http://teach.classdojo.com/login and create a new account.

#1 Create a Class

Select your grade level & content area
Give your class a name
*You can always go into the basic info on your class an edit this information later.

#2 Add Students

If you have a student list on your computer already, you can copy and paste the list to add all your students at one time.  Otherwise you'll need to enter each student name individually.

#3  Customize Behaviors

Edit the default behavior icons and text OR Add your own behaviors
Behaviors can be both positive and negative

Don't forget to save your changes!

#4  Start Tracking Behaviors

Simply click on a student's name and choose the behavior you want to assign.  A bubble with a number will appear by their name.  Points will add and subtract throughout the day and the bubble will remain green if they've kept enough positive behaviors.  If they are being too negative that day, their bubble may appear red with a negative number.

Extra Features:

You can award multiple students at one time.  Just click 'Award Multiple Students' and select the students you want to award for the same behavior.  Select the behavior to be awarded and you're done!

Use the Timer feature as a stop watch or a countdown tool.

You can also reset your student bubbles anytime during the day or at the start of a new day.

Under the Settings feature you can edit specific class features.  For example, choose to have two separate point bubbles for each student, only show the positive awards and change the student order.
When you end your class for the hour or day, go to the Report page.  You will see the behavior of your class as a whole and individually.  The report also indicates the specific behaviors that were awarded.  You can customize your date range so you can view a single day, month or the entire year.  You can also sort your student list by most positive, most negative,  highest combined and more.
Don't forget to checkout the Class Dojo App - available on iPhone, iPod and iPad!

**Additional resources are available for sharing ClassDojo with your parents at http://www.classdojo.com/share/.

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