Thursday, February 6, 2014

Symbaloo: Visual Bookmarking

I love bookmarking sites so I can get back to them easily, but it is a real issue when I use a different computer or even a different browser.  I either have to set-up those bookmarks again or just do a Google search for the website.  I have used some online bookmarking sites in the past like Diigo and Draggo and even blogged on the topic.  I like both of these sites for certain reasons, but they just weren't fitting my need for those everyday websites I use both at work and home.  Last year I found a new bookmarking tool called Symbaloo.  The biggest difference with Symbaloo is the visual appeal to the site.

I can create my bookmark links manually or with a bookmarklet, but I can also add the name of the site, an icon and color code it for my page.  I can also create various webmixes, which are tabs to help me group my bookmarks.  For example, I have one with daily links, web tools I use regularly and how-tos for quick reference.  I can move the links around on my webmix page or I can move it to another webmix.  I can also customize the background for each webmix.  The best feature about Symbaloo is I can use any computer, any browser and access my essential bookmarks at one website.

If you love to have websites at your fingertips, I encourage you to try out a bookmarking site like Symbaloo, Draggo or Diigo.

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