Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tumble Over TumbleBooks

While exploring the options for books young students can listen to my attention was drawn to TumbleBooks.  To my great surprise I found that our State Library purchased a subscription to TumbleBooks that all Kansas schools and Kansas residents can utilize for free!  TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books created from existing picture books.  The TumbleBook Library also includes videos, from National Geographic, and games to enhance some of the book titles.  For instance, a book about panda bears might have a short video about real panda bears.

To access TumbleBooks, USD 495 elementary students and teachers will need to use the link on their school Draggo page.  The link is either listed under the category Reading or Listening to Reading.  Tumblebooks can be used on various devices - MacBooks, Chromebooks, iPads and iPods, however, the format looks different on the iDevices.  When using the iPad and iPod, you will still access TumbleBooks through the Draggo link.  The iPod instantly goes into Mobile access mode, but the iPad does not.  So, you will need to change the 'Choose' drop-down arrow under the KS State Library logo to Mobile and click GO.  You will notice when you choose a book to read on the iPad or iPod, you do not have the control buttons - next page, back page, etc.  It looks more like watching a video.  You do have the play and pause button along with the volume control.  There is also a slide bar to move forward and backward in the book, but it is rather sluggish and not reliable.

To learn more about TumbleBooks, watch their short, animated tour

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