Friday, December 19, 2014

Create with Weebly

When I first started working as Tech Integration Specialist for my school district, I decided I needed a web tool that would allow me to share resources with my teachers beyond a blog.  I wanted to create a website, but the tools were limited and you needed to know HTML coding.  Personally, I wanted something that was easy and user-friendly to use.  A few of my technology colleagues recommended Wikispaces, so I started using that tool to create my resource pages.  I was also using the USD 495 Tech Integration page on our district website, but it was a little more cumbersome than I would have liked.  About two years ago, I was introduced to some new website creation tools including Weebly.  I started exploring the various tools, but was drawn to Weebly for its ease of use and the ability to create the layout I wanted on my pages.  I decided to move my resources from the district website and Wikispaces to a new website on Weebly.  (As I'm writing this, it just proves oncer again how quickly technology can change.)

Last spring, our tech director started looking at the possibility of moving to a new website host as our contract was ending with our provider.  After seeing me work with Weebly, he decided to give it a try himself.  Now, our district website has been moved to a Weebly account and several of our teachers are also using Weebly to create their own classroom pages.  They have been pleased with the easy drag & drop method for designing their page layouts.  Below is a video that provides a thorough introduction to setting up your own Weebly account and website.  I created this video as though I was sitting one-on-one with a teacher and walking them through the program.

More Resources

Weebly Support - Provides video and written instructions for various how-to topics on building your Weebly site.

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