Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Goodies

Some of you have asked me for the Carmel Popcorn and Popcorn Cake recipes that I made for Christmas.  So, here you go...

Carmel Popcorn

5-7 quarts of popcorn (put it in a roasting pan)

2 cups brown sugar
1 cup butter (I use the real stuff)
1/2 cup brown syrup (Karo Syrup)
1 tsp salt

Melt the butter.  Add brown sugar and mix well with the butter.  Add syrup and salt.  Bring to a boil stirring intermittently.  Boil 5 minutes & continue stirring so it doesn't burn.  Take off the heat and stir in 1 tsp baking soda.  Pour mix over the popcorn and stir it so the sauce gets distributed on the popcorn.

Bake at 250 degrees uncovered for about an hour - stir every 15 minutes (you'll end up stirring it 3 times).  After the last 15 minutes, stir making sure to scrap the sides and bottom.  let it stand for 5-10 minutes & then put into your containers.

Popcorn Cake

12 cups popped corn (put in a big bowl)
1 1/2 cups M&Ms
2 cups salted peanuts

40 caramels
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup butter (the real stuff)
5 cups mini marshmallows (or 50 regular marshmallows)

In a pan over low heat, melt the caramels into the butter & oil.  Add and melt the marshmallows.  Be sure to stir constantly so the mix doesn't burn.

Pour the above mix over your popcorn & stir.  Add in the M&Ms and peanuts.  Stir into the popcorn mix.  Press your popcorn cake into a buttered angel food cake pan or a rectangular cake pan.  If you use the angel food cake pan, let it sit for about 10 minutes and then remove your cake from the pan.



  1. For the Popcorn cake, you can substitute Peanut M & Ms for the salted peanuts. Since others might notice this, you spelled Marshmallows and caramels wrong.

  2. It would be my mother who would point out my spelling errors :-)