Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions?

Today starts a new year with the prospect of new adventures, discoveries and insights.  The year will pose new questions and reflections.  Many of us will start the year with resolutions mimicking those declared by Ebenezer Scrooge; resolutions of becoming a better person and improving yourself.  Some will have a lengthy list, like a "To Do" list, of all the goals you intend to accomplish before the end of the year.  Sadly, the truth will only see those resolutions lasting a few months, if even that long, before they are dropped by the weigh side.  These resolutions will become too unattainable for most and they will soon be making a list of things they are going to give up for lent.

Last year, I read blog which spoke of forgetting the resolution list and focusing on one word for the year.  That word would help guide and direct the goals, priorities and accomplishments of the year.  It wouldn't dictate everything, but it would help you keep a simple focus for the year.  Being a list person myself (and the one who never made it the end of January with my resolutions), I decided to try that new approach last year and chose the word "Stretch."  At this point, I must warn you to take care in choosing a word for the year.  I had no clue how much a little word like "Stretch" could impact my year.  I stretched beyond my comfort level when I accepted the nomination for KASL president-elect.  Since winning the election, I've often thought, "What the heck was I thinking!"  After accepting a technology position, I asked the same question.  These were experiences and changes that wouldn't have occurred from a new year's list because I would have never put them on my list.  But when these opportunities came my way, I thought of word "Stretch" and knew I needed to step out and take a chance.  So yesterday, I started thinking about my word for 2012.  I made of list of potentials and after much thought came up with my word for 2012 - "Strive."  Of course, my grandmother pointed out that "Strive" sounds too hard.  I'm a picture person, so I ran it through Visuwords online graphical dictionary.  After looking at the synonyms (take pains, overexert oneself, struggle) I'm beginning to agree with her, but regardless I will be spending 2012 Striving.

Strive Visuword

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