Monday, February 6, 2012

New Apps!

Cost:  Free

Description from iTunes:  In this hilarious educational game you will be shown a fraction and your job is [to] estimate the decimal equivalent by placing a nest on a number line.  Our hens are mathematical experts and they will fire their eggs towards the correct answer.  If your estimate is good the eggs will be caught in the nest but if you're too far out it all gets very messy.

This game was demonstrated at my Tech Integration Group (TIG) this past Friday.  We played it as a whole group and found the math challenging, especially when you get to the higher levels.  This would be a great game for individual and whole group practice.

Cost:  Free

This app is a companion to the WatchKnowLearn website which provides free educational videos from grades K-12.

You can look for videos based on featured, category or subject search.  However, I did not find a way to create a playlist like you can in YouTube.  Hopefully, this will be a future update to this app.

Cost:  $0.99

Description from iTunes:  KAKOOMA is deceptively simple:  from a group of numbers, find one numbers that is the sum of two others.  Seems easy, right?  But looks can be deceiving.  There will be times when you can't find the number, even though it's sitting right in front of you.

This game was demonstrated at TIG this past Friday.  We played it as a whole group and found it semi-challenging.  It was recommended to use this game with the whole class as an exit activity before recess or lunch.  It keeps your brain thinking and the problem solving/math skills fresh.

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