Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Draggo is a bookmarking tool for those websites you want to remember or use on a regular basis.  You can group your bookmarks with topic specific tabs and then into various categories on each tab.  Bookmarks can be moved and edited as needed.  A couple years ago I created Draggo accounts for each school building (except Westside - sorry) in our district in an effort to provide links to tools and websites that the students would use regularly - or for a specific teacher - throughout the course of the school year.

In the elementary buildings, teachers have their students set the building Draggo page as their homepage whenever they get on the Internet.  This makes it easier and faster for students to access the websites they need during class.  Students have no need to log into Draggo.  They just choose the tab they need and find the bookmark in the category given to them by their teacher.  Here are the links to each building Draggo page:

I have encouraged teachers to take ownership of their building Draggo page by giving them the log in information so they can add and remove links, categories and tabs.  I do ask if a specific grade or teacher has a tab that you not edit or remove their tab.  We are limited to seven tabs, so if we are running out of tabs, let me know so I can assist in making some modifications.  If you never received the log in information for you school's Draggo page, please email me and I will send that out to you.

Draggo is not the only bookmarking tool available, but at the time it was highly recommended.  If you are interested in exploring other visual bookmarking tools to use with your students, you might check out:

"How-To" Edit Draggo

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