Monday, April 9, 2012

Keeping it Current

I had an email a few weeks back with some great current event websites.  Most of these sites provide a teacher resource section with ideas for use in the classroom and educational resources.
  • Pages for Tweens, Teens and Espanol
  • Stories are selected by tweens/teens in conjunction with professional journalists
  • Site is easy to navigate and updated daily
Find out how other Teachers have used this site:
  • Provides current events for teens to use for school or personal use
  • Combines journalism and video to relate information on subjects of interest
  • Some videos available in Closed Caption
  • Each video has lesson plans, discussion questions, student activities, vocabulary and primary references

Find Educator Resources:
  •  Ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program
  • Appropriate for middle and high school students
  • Teacher resources include transcripts for each show, discussion questions, media literacy questions, downloadable maps and more
  • Covers breaking news and in-depth issues affecting the world and nation
  • News coverage is geared towards teens
  • Teacher resources include transcripts, weekly news quizzes, lesson plans and more
  • Provides Education Correlations showing you how the issues and topics align with your state standards

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