Monday, April 30, 2012

PicMonkey: The New Picnik?

Challenge #3 of the 12 for 2012 Wiki asks participants to work with Picnik, a free online photo editing tool.  Sadly, April 19, 2012 saw the closing of the ever popular Picnik site.  However, to my great delight, I found out about a new alternative - PicMonkey.  After editing a few pics, I think this editing tool has more free features to offer than Picknik.  You can do the basics - crop, rotate, sharpen, reshape and tweak the exposure & color.  Then the fun begins!

Original Photo
Edited in PicMonkey
 You can mess around with various special effects like soft focus, boost, cinerama, film grain, focal zoom and more.  On photos with people, you can remove blemishes, white teeth, remove red-eye and lose weight.  You can add text to your picture choosing from over 30 fonts.  Finish your picture off with stickers, a picture frame and textures. 

This editing tool is user friendly and intuitive.  It does not change the original on your computer, so if you don't like what you've created, then just start over.  When you are finished, name your photo and save it to your computer.

Image Source:  "Gold Fish out of water" by Flickr user kainr under a CC License,

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