Friday, May 11, 2012

Coloring Gallore

Kids of all ages love to color, of course as we get older we call it doodling, but the concept is the same - try to make a pretty picture while staying in the lines.  With the end of the school year close at hand and summer just around the corner, my friends at the Kansas State Library shared out the following online coloring pages.  Some of these would be great next school year around Kansas Day or while studying science.  Click on the paper/pencil icon to the right of each website title and view a descriptor of the site.

Here is a sample of a completed color page from the CIA website:


  1. So, if I understand this correctly, all we have to do is go to the Kansas State Library site? I noticed there were not links for this tech tip.

  2. If you go to the coloring pages linkable box and click on the photo in front of the website title it will take you to that website. Sorry that wasn't made clear in the post.