Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Website Wednesdays

  • An assortment of fun classroom timers. Project them up on the whiteboard or screen for timer activities. Kids love the countdown!

    tags: timers stopwatch smartboard

  • View 100 Primary sources chronicling United States history from 1776 to 1965.  You can view the original document, a transcript of the document, a print-friendly version of the document and additional information about the document.

    tags: History primarysources reference government

  • Oodles of lesson plans centered around the various Google tools. You can search by the Google tool, subject and age range.

    tags: google lesson plan

  • This site has lesson plans and resources geared toward the Common Core Standards and the newspaper. You do not need a copy of the newspaper for most of these lessons and activities.

    tags: lesson plans newspaper commoncore

  • Educational computer games and activities for students grade K-5. Includes math, keyboarding, reading, holiday activities and more. No subscription needed.

    tags: Interactive Elementary technology

  • Take a look at what students are capable of creating and the direction education is heading. It is a whole new way of processing information. Note also the photos he emphasizes. That would make for a great class discussion - what are the most significant or important events in our history?

    tags: history videos technology

    • Some good food for thought here. Great for class discussion centering around the images that are emphasized and what are the most significant events in our history. - post by Gwen Lehman
    • It is a different world from when older generations used linear editing systems.
    • non-linear editing is the standard of today.
  • This site provides free lesson plans, video writing prompts, printables and more for the classroom teacher.  Resources are avaialble for all grades and the core content areas.

    tags: lessonplans resources videoclips

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