Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buffering Blues

Ever been watching a video only to have it stop right in the middle so it can buffer?  Buffering can be a frustrating experience for a classroom teacher.  Not only do you have to wait for that video to buffer, but you have to deal with antsy students who don't do well with dead time.  Here are two options for eliminating those "Buffering Blues."

Option #1:  WonderShare

Wondershare is a free YouTube Downloader.  Start by installing the application -  (Make sure you select your computer type before downloading.)  During the installation process it will install a downloader on all your browsers , so if you have any of them open they will be closed.  Once installed, you can access Wondershare through your applications folder.

To Use the Program:
  1. Open Wondershare
  2. Go to YouTube via a web browser
  3. Find a video you want to use in the class
  4. Copy the web link (URL)
  5. In Wondershare, click on Paste URL (left side of the window)
  6. Your video will download
  7. Once downloaded, click on the video image to start playing the video
Benefit - your videos are all in one location
Drawback - you can't open it in full screen.

Option #2:  Easy YouTube Video Downloader
  1. Go to the following website -
  2. Click on Add to Firefox
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Go to YouTube
  5. Find a video you want to use in class
  6. You should now have a button under the video labeled Download.  Click it.
  7. Choose MP4 format - this will download your video either on the desktop or into your downloads folder.

Benefit - you can open in full screen
Drawback - image might be distorted in full screen view & you will want to start a folder for your videos to help keep them organized

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