Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Digital Citizenship Resources

At the recent school board meeting, each principal spoken on bullying in the schools.  Most concurred that the majority of the bullying is related to cyberbullying.  As I've read various technology articles and blog posts, many have dealt with cyberbullying and the importance of teaching digital citizenship to students.  Students need to understand the impact their digital footprint will have on their future.  Students believe no one takes what they post on Facebook or Twitter seriously, but in truth more scholarship committees and colleges are looking at the digital footprint of their applicants.  In the workforce we have even seen more employers looking at the digital footprint of their potential employees.  The problem with our technological society is anything you post online is available for everyone, everywhere at anytime.  It doesn't matter if you posted that "Susie is a *****!" on Facebook when you were in 6th grade and now you a 21-year-old applying for your first professional job.  That information can still be found.

There are many great tools and resources online to help educators and parents learn about and address digital citizenship and cyberbullying with students.  Below is a collection of digital citizenship sites with lesson ideas, tips for talking to your children and recommendations for Facebook privacy settings.

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