Friday, February 8, 2013

Google Forms Gets a New Look!

Google just updated their forms at the start of the month.  Our district accounts are set-up that we will receive new updates to Google products 2 weeks after their initial release.  Meaning???  We should be seeing the new Google Form look within the next week.

So what's changed?
First, you can share your form with other collaborators.  If I'm a teacher using forms to create tests and quizzes, I can now share the form with my Teacher's Assistant and they can help me type in test questions.  You couldn't collaborate on forms with others prior to this update.

Second, when I create a new form, I will be asked to name my form and choose a theme before I ever start creating questions.

Third, when I return to my form after the initial creation, I am taken to the editable version of my form rather than the spreadsheet with my recorded responses.  However, I can still access the spreadsheet and see the live version of my form with the click of a button.

Fourth, there are now copy/paste functions that were never an option before.  If you have bulleted list in a document that you want to become options for a multiple choice question, you can simply copy this list, create a multiple choice question and paste the list into the options.  It will put each bulleted item as a separate option.

Fifth, the overall look to creating a form is different.  It looks more like a document rather than...well I don't know what you would call the old look, but the new one looks cleaner to me.

The following video, created by the Google Guru at Ask the Guru, will give you a better visual look at the new appearance and layout of Google Forms.

I can't wait to try out the new Google Forms!
Are you ready!?

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