Friday, February 8, 2013

Top 5 Superbowl Commercials

During a break at our Google Drive Tech Training, I shared some of the top 5 Superbowl commercials.  Several people asked if I would share out those commercials, so here they are.

#5 Where do babies come from?
Got to love The Wheels on the Bus

#4 The Rock runs out of milk
It's The Rock.  What else can you say?

#3 Doritos Goat for sale
A screaming goat?!


#2 GoDaddy gross-out
I found this one to be a little gross myself.


#1 Budweiser clydesdales
It's like those Hallmark commercials that make you break out the tissues.

Those may be the top 5 talked about commercials, but having been a librarian I had to laugh at the Oreo "Whisper Fight" commercial.  I was never a shushing librarian myself.  I was probably the loudest one in the room.

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