Friday, March 8, 2013

Storia on the iPad

Storia is a reader app for Scholastic eBooks.  You can purchase eBooks with your regular Scholastic account.  You can even use your points to purchase eBooks.  Below is a short demo video of Storia:

Here are some additional things to know about Storia:

  1. Storia allows you make up to 40 bookshelves which you can name, however, it is best not to use student names.  Many teachers use genres or reading groups to name their bookshelves.
  2. You can sync up to 40 devices on your Storia account.
  3. When you shop eBooks, you can download their free book of the month that appears in the scrolling images.  This month there are two easter books that are free:

 Easter Eggs Everywhere! - The Easter Bunny's running late for Easter, and none of the eggs have been decorated! So when a sly fox offers to sell the Easter Bunny a super-duper egg-painting machine, he takes the fox up on the offer. But the machine doesn't work as the Easter Bunny hopes, and now he's in even bigger trouble! How will he get all the eggs ready in time for the big day?
Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs - It's been raining ever since Brutus Bigg arrived in town. And even though he's supposed to fix up the park for the town Easter egg hunt, he seems to be messing it up so no one will go there and bother him. Is Mr. Bigg an ogre trying to claim the park as his home? The Bailey School kids are going to find out...but will they be able to stop him in time for the Spring Festival?

I personally had some trouble getting the free books downloaded, but called up Scholastic and they were most helpful in getting them into my account.  In fact, they offered to add more than one copy so I could put it in all my bookshelves.  Since you can only put one copy of a book on one bookshelf, this would have been great if I wanted multiple reading groups to read the same book.

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