Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tools to Use Right Away

I attended a librarian workshop in Dodge City on Saturday and heard some great presenters on various technology and book topics.  One of the sessions focused on websites and apps to use in the classroom and library.  Here are the ones I thought were the best...

readthinkwrite - Student Interactives

You have been to this site before, but I found out there are student interactive games, graphic organizers and more that you can access.  You can refine your search by grade level, type of interactive tool, learning objective and more.  Some interactives include Trading Card Creator, Cube Creator, Letter Generator, Compare & Contrast Map and more

Being a fan of the old Fractured Fairy Tales on Rocky and Bullwinkle, I found this interactive centering around fractured fairy tales.  Students get to read an animate fractured fairy tale and then write their own.  Here are a few screen shots of this interactive tool:

Too Noisy - This free app helps you monitor the classroom noise level.  You can adjust the sensitivity level on the app.  If the noise level gets too high, your smiley face starts to frown.  You could project this on the screen when students are working with partners or in small groups to help them keep track of the noise level.

Random Name Selector - This free app randomly selects student names from the magic hat.  All you do is add a group and then add names to your group.  Then you hit the ? to have the hat select a name.  The hat will go through all the names in your group before putting everyone back in for selection.

Chicktionary Lite - This free app provides you a set number of letters to create words from.  You are given the how many words and how many letters per word that you can make from your collection of letters.  The twist?  Everything is chicken and egg related.  A great appeal for kids!

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