Monday, March 9, 2015

New Tools & New People from TIG

New Tools and Resources

Mango Languages - This tool, available for FREE thanks to our Kansas State Library, will help you learn over 60 languages.  You will walk through practical language lessons that provide pronunciation practice, grammar lessons, cultural information, and more.  Did I mention there are English courses for non-English speakers?!  Take a tour with the video below.

There is also an app for Mango Languages (available for Apple and Android devices).  Once you create your account using the online website on the KS State Library page, you can log into the Mango Languages app and continue working on your lessons.

Buncee - A digital canvas where you can add content that can then be shared through email or social media.  Students and teachers can use this tool to create more engaging and interactive presentations and lessons.

 *Make sure you go to the education link -

eMaze - This HTML5 presentation maker allows teachers and students to create slideshows, video presentations, infographics and 3D presentations.  Need a quick tutorial?  Check this one out from eMaze -

Visme - This another tool for creating presentations, infographics and banners.  Your final products can be published via social media, on a website or downloaded.

Canva - This easy to use graphic design program will allow you and your students to create awesome graphics to share via social media, your website and blog or by downloading & printing.  Get tips and ideas via the Canva Design School or create using the Canva iPad App.

Tapp Roulette - This is a "random picking" app.  Need to decide who goes first in the game or who
Tapp Roulette
gets to return the computer cart?  Use Tapp Roullette.  Each students puts their finger on the screen and then you click 'Pick a Finger.' Tapp Roullette randomly chooses one of the fingers.  You can have up to 11 fingers on an iPad and 5 fingers on the iPhone/iPod.

Common Sense Media - This resource provides ratings and reviews on apps, games, books, websites and more geared toward children ages 2-17.  They also provide media and technology resources for educators, including a whole curriculum for digital literacy and citizenship.
All the resources on this site are FREE!

New People to Follow

Needing to build up your PLN?  Check out some of these great educators and educational supporters!

TechChef4U - This is the twitter handle used by Lisa Johnson, an educator and tech integration guru.  She has done extensive work on iPads and apps in the classroom, including the publication of the TechChef4U app and the Hot Apps 4 HOTS iBook.

TED Ed Lesson
@259tech - This is the Wichita Public Schools Instructional Technology Twitter handle.  They have resources, tools, and ideas from the classroom.

@TED-Ed - Provider links to their short, captivating educational videos and other educational resources.

@TeachingLC - The Twitter handle for Teaching with the Library of Congress.  Their tweets contain primary sources, inspiration, ideas and opportunities for teachers from the world's greatest library.

@TodaysDocument - Tweets from Today in History & Daily Historical Documents from the US National Archive include loads of primary source photos that will enliven and engage your social studies classroom.

Tweets from PSNTPS
@DocsTeach - Follow the online tool for teaching with documents from the @USNATArchives.  Use resources shared in their tweets to create interactive lessons with primary sources to foster historical thinking.

@coolcatteacher - This is the brand name used by Vicki David, a full time teacher and IT director in Georgia.  She shares thoughts and tips on using new technology in teaching.

@justintarte - This is the twitter handle for Justin Tarte, an administrator with a passion for learning
and technology.  He shares thought provoking articles and photos via his Twitter account.

@PSNTPS - This twitter handle belongs to the TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus, an online community support resource for the TPS-Barat Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Resources Program.  These send out interesting tweets ideas for combining primary resources and technology to create engaging learning for your students.

@PenguinClass - This handle for the School and Library Marketing department of Penguin Young Readers provides tweets to author interviews, book & poetry lesson ideas, book trailers and more.  They will also do Skype author visits with your classroom for free.  Email them at and tell them what you want.  For example, you want to Skype with a poet or an author who writes nonfiction, preferably about bugs.

Travis True (on Google+) - Travis is an educator in the Topeka Public Schools.  He shares a lot on Chromebooks, Chrome extensions, and all things Google.

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