Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Website Wednesday

Speedometry – Learn Math and Science | Hot Wheels
Register for your free Hot Wheels kit and download the lesson plans that address STEM integration.
tags: stem physics math science lessonplans
Free games for helping students learn about place value.
tags: place value math mathgames
Place Value lessons and games by Sheppard Software. Students will identify the digits, compare numbers, learn different ways of showing a number, and more. Geared toward elementary students.
tags: place value math mathgames
"...the following series of fill-in-the-blank prompts can be used by teachers to create lessons, students to create projects–or teachers to collaborate with students to create lessons–or projects. Or, well, you get the idea. I use these sorts of stems to create “learning blends” for students–either with them, or for them. I couple these prompts with other components–technology like apps or social media channels, texts from literary classics to postmodern non-fiction, creativity, or even local matters of citizenship." -from Terry Heick, author of this resource
tags: prompts projects PBL questions collaboration resources
Kid-friendly songs teaching students about similes & metaphors, prepositions, prefix or suffix, perimeter, triangles, and more. Most seem appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students, but the high school students might enjoy similes & metaphors.
tags: videos grammar math resources

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